Fifth Energy Efficiency Labeling Product catalog released energy into the hot spot - rice cookers, e

Published: 05th August 2010
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2015 40 energy-efficiency labeling will cover products

Recently, the State Development and Reform Commission, AQSIQ, CNCA jointly issued the fifth energy efficiency labeling product catalog, since March 1, 2010, the rice cooker,


, AC contactors and air compressors 4 products will be affixed mandatory energy efficiency labeling. At the same time, also implemented in 2004


Energy-efficiency labeling rules be revised.

Reporter was informed that since November 2004 the State released the first batch of energy-efficient product catalog has just five years, there have 19 products to implement energy efficiency labeling system. As at the end of October, the record number of over 1,600 companies, for the record over more than 80,000 products. According to the China National Institute of Standardization energy efficiency labeling Cao Ning, Assistant Director of the Centre said the 2015 mandatory energy efficiency labeling system will be up to 40 categories of products, coverage and application areas will be improved significantly.

Industry observers pointed out that with the implementation of mandatory energy efficiency labeling of the product range continued to expand in the coming years in China

Home Appliances



Product upgrades and related technological transformation will be the main focus of market competition. The next few years, the relevant home appliance enterprises to participate in market competition is the energy level of a certain threshold.

Cao Ning also said that the future state will further increase the product on the market have already implemented energy efficiency labeling system monitoring. It is reported that this year the energy efficiency labeling management center has been launched in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong and Sichuan provinces and products 4 the implementation of energy-efficiency labeling special checks. Through market purchases and corporate on-site checks of two means to address the energy efficiency labeling implementation process of "self-declaration by enterprises," caused by "virtual standard, standard leak," and so on.

This sample is currently pilot

expected implementation of the 3? 5 years after the nationwide promotion. Meanwhile, provincial and municipal quality inspection department checks will also be implemented from time to time, the two products on the market to start with the implementation of energy efficiency inspection.

At the same time, energy efficiency labeling management center will also continue to promote "energy list" implementation "to the data speak" energy level of the enterprise's products, markets


Comprehensive Evaluation of the data scale. 2009 related to the energy efficiency of energy-saving products will be the implementation of mid-2010 release, will also introduce energy-saving red and black list, exposure is not standard business.

Reporter was also informed that

Flat Panel TV

, Set-top boxes,

Microwave ovens

, Computers, printers, etc. to implement energy efficiency label has been included in the 2010 annual work plan and expected to release second half of 2010. Meanwhile, set aside a room close to 1 year

Air conditioning

Device efficiency standards revision has been recently restarted.

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